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Primarily nail art here at the moment. I love things that capture my eye, and try to make them too. All of my designs are hand-painted, as I am too poor to afford a nail pen kit.

Based in Oxford and the Lake District. If you'd like your nails done, drop me a message. No request is too zany.

Nagellack und schreiben was Besseres für die Deutschen, als die englische Übersetzung.
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My first time doing the spun sugar technique.  Decided right after I saw Sarah’s nails of it I knew I just had to try it out.  And I have to say I actually loved it!  So easy and fun to make!  

To see what polishes I used HERE


I still hate the “delicate print” day of the challenge, but I am so thrilled with what I came up with. Baroque nails! I could also have done these for the fashion inspired day as baroque is a big trend right now, but here they are! I think they’re so so elegant and I kinda wish I’d made my other nails just plain and black, but it’s cool. I can always change them! #31dc2012 #nailart #nails #baroque (Taken with Instagram)


İşte bu sanat…


“Once you meet someone, you never really forget them.”

Spirited Away~

Butterfly nails by smashleysparkles

Asker posh-goth Asks:
can I have zombie nails?? Oh PLEASE oh PLEASE??!!
aurorasurfer aurorasurfer Said:

That sounds actionable! The tutorial didn’t show up, but I’m sure we’re capable of flinging some blood around…;)


Doctor Who Nails


[credit to whoever made all these gorgeous creations]

Top four clockwise, bottom three left to right

 Iloveprettycolours • Thenailasaurus • Emilydenisephotography • Jeealee • Polishedperipherals • Astudyinpolish •

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Also - these are all beautiful.